Commission Seeks Bid for Governmental Affairs Support

August 7, 2019
Missouri Charter Public School Commission is seeking to contract with a qualified individual or firm to provide governmental affairs support. Please see the Invitation For Bid for details.

Invitation For Bid

Questions from prospective bidders:

Q: What is the number of references needed? 

A:  We do not have a set number of references.  Names and contact information are sufficient.

Q: What is the criteria you will use to judge the winning bid?

A: Does the bidder meet the scope of work in the IFB and cost.

Q: I"m never done/have not done many responses to IFB.  How much of your consideration for winning the bid is the "technical" response?  The "dotting i's and crossing t's?"

A: Please do your best to answer all questions.  In the end, however we are looking to see if the bid meets the scope of work and the cost of the bid.