Materials and Resources

Interested in starting a charter school in Missouri? You may find these links useful as you consider your next step.

The Missouri Charter Public School Community asks for a Letter of Intent to Apply and a Prospectus to determine invitation to apply.  The Commission uses an online application tool, opened to the applicant upon invitation.

Other materials:

You may find it useful to review the Key Performance Measure report when developing goals and measures. (Presentation to the Commission)  You are encouraged to review this presentation on setting goals.

The case study on Pathway Academy includes the Commission's closure plan.  This study was requested by the Commission, and conducted because of the generous support of School Smart Kansas City.  

You may wish to contact the Missouri Charter Public School Association to learn more about the supports and services they provide to teams interested in developing a charter school in Missouri.

National Alliance of Charter Schools is the national charter school advocacy organization. Their annual conference is attended by new and experienced charter schools, as well as vendors who provide supports and services to assist you in opening and operating your charter school.

National Association of Charter School Authorizers is the national professional and policy organization of charter school sponsors and authorizers. Educators and board members interested in the policy and research driving quality, equity and expansion of charter schools will find this an exceptional resource.

Teach for America has been a key partner in bringing teacher and school leader talent to district and charter schools alike. Missouri is fortunate to have them operating in both Kansas City and St. Louis.

Connect with charter school advocates, school reformers and education entrepreneurs on social media. You can find the Missouri Charter Public School Commission on Twitter at @MoCPSC. Remember to like us on Facebook too!