Pursuant to Section 160.400.12 RSMo, sponsors are required to provide the Missouri General Assembly Joint Committee on Education an annual report. 

Pursuant to Section 160.400.17.(1) RSMo, the State Board of Education shall ensure all sponsors are in compliance with all requirements under section 160.400 



In addition to complying with sponsor standards and required reports, sponsor performance can be examined by understanding the performance of the schools in its portfolio. The graph displays the performance of charters in St. Louis and Kansas City, in relation to the traditional district where they are located. The Y-Axis represents the number MPI points charter schools perform above or below the district.

All public schools, charter and traditional districts, must administer the MAP test.  MAP test results are calculated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for each subject, building and LEA. One calculation is the MAP Performance Index.  This measure of performance on English Language Arts and Mathematics includes the results for all students who took the test. For more information on the calculation of MPI please consult DESE's MSIP6 Comprehensive Guide.

MCPSC Portfolio Performance