Standards, Policies and Practices


Missouri Charter Public School Commission has adopted the National Association of Charter School Authorizer’s Principles and Standards. The Commission will use these as their guide for sponsorship. (Adopted September 9, 2015.)


Sunshine Policy (Adopted September 9, 2015.)

Commission Meeting Policies (Adopted June 8, 2016)

Sponsorship Policies (Adopted June 8, 2016)


The Operating Plan for the Missouri Charter Public School Commission provides an overview of its values, principles, application process and procedures.  The Site Visit Protocol for initial five year charter schools and schools requesting expansion or replication is provided for schools and interested stakeholders. 

Missouri Charter Public School Commission accepts application on an ongoing basis.

Applications must be approved by the State Board of Education by January 31 in order to open the following school year. Schools planning to open the next school year must have a final application to the Commission by August 1. Applications received after August 1 will be reviewed for opening in the year following the next school year. The Missouri Charter Public School Commission reserves the right to modify this deadline.