Applications Under Review

The Missouri Charter Public School Commission is currently accepting applications for the 2022, 2023 and 2024 school years.

Applications Under Consideration for 2024 Opening:

Gateway Academy of Geospatial Science and Technology ( St. Louis) LOI and Prospectus 

Applications Under Consideration for 2022 Opening:

Ali Academy LOI and Prospectus (St. Louis) 

Muse STEAM Service Academy LOI and Prospectus (St. Louis)

North County Innovative High Schools LOI and Prospectus (Normandy and St. Louis)

We LEAD Academy LOI and Prospectus (St. Louis)

Applicants no longer under consideration:

Inspired By Play Academy - LOI - Ineligible - state law does not allow charter schools in Liberty, MO

EPIC Soar Academy (Normandy) - LOI and Prospectus -   Application - Withdr0awn

St. Louis Institute of Technology Prep Academy (St. Louis) - LOI and Prospectus Failed to Submit Application

3-Trails Polytechnic School (Hickman Mills) - LOI and Prospectus Failed to Submit Application

Monarch Collegiate Preparatory Academy (Kansas City) - LOI and Prospectus ; application; Commission letter

Imani Learning and Leadership Academy (St. Louis) - LOI and Prospectus; Commission letter

Resubmission by OLTC Institute TECH (Normandy)- LOI and Prospectus - no invitation

Kansas City Leadership Academy for Young Men (KCPS) - denied

Northeast Academy of Arts & Technology Charter School (KCPS) - denied

Fisher STEM and Leadership Academy (Normandy) - denied

Hi-Tech Healthcare Charter School - LOI and Prospectus (Normandy for 2017) - no invitation

OLTC Institute Leadership Cyber-School - LOI and Prospectus (Normandy for 2017) - no invitation

AFB Legacy Charter Academe (LCA) (KCPS for 2017) - denied

Lift for Life Academy Charter School - (SLPS for 2017) - removed themselves from consideration