Applications Under Review

The Missouri Charter Public School Commission is currently accepting applications for the 2023 and 2024 school years.


Applications Under Consideration for 2024 Opening:

Eagle College Prep Endeavor (St. Louis) LOI to Change Sponsorship

Applicants no longer under consideration:

Ignite Liberatory Academy (St. Louis) LOI and Prospectus  Application - withdrawn by applicant June 7, 2022

Chiron Leadership Academy (St. Louis) LOI and Prospectus - No Invitation

Gateway Academy of Geospatial Science and Technology ( St. Louis) LOI and Prospectus  - Invitation to apply rescinded by Commission  on May 18, 2022

Muse STEAM Service Academy (St. Louis) LOI and Prospectus - Invitation to apply rescinded by Commission on May 18, 2022

Ali Academy LOI and Prospectus (St. Louis)  Initial Application - Invitation to apply rescinded by Commission on 6/16/21

TDW Academy LOI and Prospectus (St. Louis) 2023 Opening  - Declined to Invite

North County Innovative High Schools LOI and Prospectus (Normandy and St. Louis) - withdrawn by applicant 1/15/20

Inspired By Play Academy - LOI - Ineligible - state law does not allow charter schools in Liberty, MO

EPIC Soar Academy (Normandy) - LOI and Prospectus -   Application - Withdrawn

St. Louis Institute of Technology Prep Academy (St. Louis) - LOI and Prospectus Failed to Submit Application

3-Trails Polytechnic School (Hickman Mills) - LOI and Prospectus Failed to Submit Application

Monarch Collegiate Preparatory Academy (Kansas City) - LOI and Prospectus ; application; Commission letter

Imani Learning and Leadership Academy (St. Louis) - LOI and Prospectus; Commission letter

Resubmission by OLTC Institute TECH (Normandy)- LOI and Prospectus - no invitation

Kansas City Leadership Academy for Young Men (KCPS) - denied

Northeast Academy of Arts & Technology Charter School (KCPS) - denied

Fisher STEM and Leadership Academy (Normandy) - denied

Hi-Tech Healthcare Charter School - LOI and Prospectus (Normandy for 2017) - no invitation

OLTC Institute Leadership Cyber-School - LOI and Prospectus (Normandy for 2017) - no invitation

AFB Legacy Charter Academe (LCA) (KCPS for 2017) - denied

Lift for Life Academy Charter School - (SLPS for 2017) - removed themselves from consideration