School Resources

Congratulations! Now that your school has the legal authority to open, it is time to establish the school in DESE’s system and have your board members register with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Establishing Your School in DESE's System

Shortly, you will receive a letter from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that your charter school application has been approved by the State Board of Education.  Make sure you have copies of this letter at your disposal.

The following forms need to be completed and returned to the Educational Support Services office at DESE. We recommend that you scan and email the forms to Rachel Uptergrove, make copies of the forms for your files and then mail the originals to: Educational Support Services – Office of Quality Education, DESE, PO Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480. 

  • Web System User ID Management: MO 500-2356 The “master user” is the individual who has the highest level of (data) security at your school.  The “master user” may grant access to others by completing this form.  The “master user” must grant the sponsor access as VIEW ONLY.
  • Web System User ID Request:  MO 500-2377 This form is submitted by the “master user” and is required to gain access to crucial areas of DESE’s data and financial systems.  Access level is given based on need and security. Some access must wait until the school is officially open as an LEA (July 1st of the year student will first arrive.)
  • Vendor Input Form: MO 300-1489 This form allows your school to receive money from DESE.
  • Letter requesting/LEA attendance center:  MO 500-3067 This form generates your county/district/building code(s).  You will need this for just about everything you do with DESE.

Board Members and the Missouri Ethics Commission

The new charter school LEA must register with the Missouri Ethics Commission within 30 days of your approval by the State Board of Education.  You will need a list of the names and addresses of all board members.  You will need to grant access to the sponsor to view filing information. If you have questions, please contact Joyce Baker at (573) 751-2020.  You may wish to download this handy memo from MEC.

Each board member must also file financial disclosures within the first 30 days of approval of the charter school application by the State Board of Education.  Please read this helpful PDF from the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Additional DESE Contacts You May Need These First Few Months

Appropriate staff will want to sign up for any number of newsletters and notifications from various DESE listservs.

Special Education Compliance Plans - Betty McKenzie, Director of Special Education Compliance, at (573) 751-2332.

Compliance with the federal OMNI requirements, Pat Kaiser, Director of Federal Financial Management, at (573) 751-8643.

Educational Support Services Staff:


Each school sponsored by the Commission will be required to provide their compliance submissions via an online portal called Epicenter.  Board members will also have access to board documents and school submissions.  Key submissions will be updated monthly on the school's page on the Commission website.

After State Board approval, the Commission will provide board members, the school leader and operation staff with login credentials.  Once credentials are issues, you can access Epicenter by clicking here.  

Site  Visit Protocol 

This Protocol is designed to be a resource for charter school leaders, external site visitors, the Commission staff, and contracted vendors who may conduct site visits for the Commission. It explains site visit processes, roles and responsibilities of all parties, and expected outcomes. The Protocol is meant to provide useful information about site visits so stakeholders and visitors know what to expect and how to prepare. 

Use of the Commission's Logo by your School

We are excited to sponsor your school.  Please proudly display our logo and a link to our website in your printed and on-line publications.For more information about how to use the Commission's logo, please refer to our brand guidelines