Request for Bids: School Quality Review for Transfer - Scoula Vita Nuova Charter School

School Quality Review for Transfer - Scoula Vita Nuova Charter School Bid Dates: Tuesday, March 29 -- Friday, April 8th 5:00 p.m. Submit to

By end of school year,  the successful contractor will conduct a summative review, report and feedback, based on the criteria in the Commission’s School Quality Review (SQR) Protocol for Scuola Vita Nuova (SVN) a K-8 charter school, which is transferring sponsorship to MCPSC.

SVN is located in Kansas City and currently serves approximately 330 students.  SVN is in the fourth year of a ten year charter and transferring to MCPSC on April 1, 2022.   The information provided by the SQR on operations, finance and academics will be used to provide baseline information to the Commission.

  • The successful contractor must faithfully implement the Commission’s SQR protocol. 
  • The successful contractor must have demonstrated success in using school quality protocols, including but not limited to the use of research based practices in classroom observations.
  • The successful contractor team members must have a minimum experience of 5 years each, in conducting formative analysis and site-visits of charter schools.
  • The successful contractor must include one member of the MCPSC staff or its designee in the site-visit review team.
  • Bid must include travel.

Bid Dates: Tuesday, March 29th   – Friday, April 8th   5 p.m. Submit to