The renewal process for the Missouri Charter Public School Commission (MCPSC) involves a thorough review of school data, progress towards contract goals, and compliance with performance contract. 

The renewal process starts with a statement of intent from the school, followed by an invitation to submit a renewal application. 

The application is reviewed by MCPSC, and a public hearing may be held. 

The application is then submitted to the Missouri State Board of Education (SBOE), who will make the final decision on renewal. 

The renewal application includes a summary of the school's performance, budget projections, enrollment projections, and plans for academics, governance, and operations. 

The school also needs to address any areas of improvement from the previous evaluation. 

There are optional sections for sharing best practices and outlining expansion and replication plans.


The best time to think about renewing your charter is the day your application is approved by the State Board of Education. The Commission will assist you in staying on top of changes to your charter, charting your successes and addressing gaps in performance. Innovative school models need to gather important data that will track the impact of the model. These data help families and educators make decisions about joining your school. They inform your governing boards decisions and they compel your sponsor and the State Board of Education to renew or revoke your charter.

Traditional and charter schools will benefit from learning about your best and promising practices that are helping students learn, expanding instructional skills, finding new and effective ways to engage parents and the community, developing successful school leaders.

MCPSC Renewal Narrative Requirements

Please review policies on renewal. Renewal documents answer these three important questions:

  • What are the expected outcomes for the next charter term?
  • How will you achieve these outcomes over the next charter term? (~8 pages)
  • How has your school disseminated best and promising practices to other schools?

Our review of renewal documents asks: 

  • Does this plan get this to the results you desire?
  • Does the plan serve the student population?
  • Are these outcomes both rigorous and realistic?
  • Are gaps identified in annual reports, site visits and SQRs addressed?
  • Does the plan include ways to secure continuation of successes?
  • Are better, best and promising practices included?

Additional Requirements to upload to EpiCenter. 

  • Performance Contract Goals for next charter term
  • One page executive summary of narrative 
  • Enrollment for next Charter Term
  • Financials: actual P&L for prior two years, current year's budget, and budget projects aligned to the plan for the first two years of the renewal.  Budgets must include assumptions.