School closure/revocation of a charter may be recommended by the Commission staff if a charter school fails to meet the following: 

  • Student performance requirements, 
  • fiscal management standards, 
  • health and safety concerns, 
  • required interventions, 
  • violates the performance contract, 
  • or is convicted of fraud. 

The process involves notifying the governing board and allowing a response within two weeks. 

If no hearing is requested, the Commission votes on revocation, and their decision is final. 

If a hearing is pursued, a specific procedure is followed, including evidence presentations and public comments. 

The Commission makes a final decision within 30 days, which may be appealed to the State Board of Education.

If the charter is revoked, a closure process is initiated to minimize disruption to students' education and protect public funds. Parents are informed of the decision and provided with options for choosing a new school.

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